Wind energy yields compared to ITAIPU power plant

Good news for the renewable sector. Brazil recorded at the end of 2018 1 installed capacity of 14.71 GW, in 583 parks and more than 7,000 wind turbines in 12 states. That is, this capacity can be compared to the yield of the Itaipu plant. According to researches conducted by the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (ABEEOLÍCA), the forecast is that in the year 2024 will be 19.04 GW, considering contracts through auctions and signed so far.

In Brazil the generation of the wind source produced from January to November 2018 is equivalent to 44.62 TWh terawatt equivalent to 10 ¹ ² Mh, which corresponds to the average consumption of more than 23 million homes, or 70 million of people. Wind energy has the participation of 9% in the electrical matrix of the country and is the third most used source, and it already arrives to meet, with its production, almost 14% of the national interconnected System (SIN) – Responsible for the production and transmission of electricity from Brazil.

The Abeeolica also reported that Rio Grande do Norte follows as the highlight in this type of source, and the largest producer in the country, with a capacity of 4,043.1 GW, in its 150 parks.

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