Energy market beats record in debts

The Electric energy Marketing chamber (CCEE), released on wednesday, October 10, that the energy market hit its record and reached R $10.47 billion in unpaid debts in monthly Settlement. Short-term electricity business operations are a reckoning between companies in the Industry.

In august, only R $1.92 billion of the accumulated r $12.39 billion was received, and the amount paid did not come to 20% of the total Established. According to CCEE approximately R $8.82 billion correspond to injunctions against cost of hydrological risk, known as GSF and that the other r $1.65 billion are related to the other reasons.

The Open value surpassed the July record, which reached R $9.2 billion, about R $1.27 billion in Difference. According to the house, after the operation of the judicial decisions, there were no resources to make the payments Due. Get inside everything that involves the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and offshore markets. Remember: your business. Check: or


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