Companies and families decide by solar energy

Photovoltaic energy: Brazilian companies and families discover that it is worthwhile to invest. Previously unspoken, solar energy has become more and more a factor present in everyday life. A very common practice in developed countries, photovoltaic energy has aroused interest in various parts of the world, including Brazil. Because it is a tropical country, there is no shortage of reasons to start investing in energy from sunlight around here. Thinking about it, we've listed six reasons for you to start thinking about investing in solar energy in your home or business.

1) Cost reduction: the consumption of electricity reduces too much, resulting in the decrease of the value of the light account, which often comes with abusive and questionable values.

2) Free of the adjustments in the tariffs: the possibility of generating your own energy becomes attractive, since, you remain free of energy tariffs, which often are often readjustable by the concessionaires.

3) Cheap investment value: Even if you initially pay more, besides the service has been cheaped over the years, nowadays there are even financing for this type of purchase, being a cheap investment, seen the cost-benefit.

4) Sturdy and durable system: Although the initial cost is somewhat high, the investment in solar energy is long-term and safe, as the plates have factory warranty of up to 25 years and the inverters of at least five to 12 years.

5) Valuation of the property: You can have photovoltaic energy even if you do not want to live in your home your entire life. If you think about selling your home, solar energy can increase the value of your property, making your price grow and looking for interested parties as well.

6) Well to the planet: for the production of usual electricity, the electric energy makes the burning of oil and ethanol, which generates by-products like carbon dioxide, water vapor and pollutant material, fiercely attacking the health of the planet. Unlike solar energy that is a clean and renewable energy source and provides environmental sustainability.

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