Renewable energy: Danes create innovative project

According to TecMundo, Danish engineers are planning an innovative project that can be a major solution to the problem of waste in the generation of clean energy. The novelty, which is called topographic battery, is to store energy in underground balloons.

The plan would be the construction of huge water balloons that will be buried underground, whose test facility will have 100 m². The researchers’ idea would be to use the excess energy produced to pump water from a reservoir into a giant membrane (the water balloon), which will be under the ground, under a strategically calculated amount of weight. 

That way, while the water balloon is being filled, the pressure will raise the deposited soil just above. When reuse of energy is required, a valve will be opened, letting the water be expelled by the force of gravity exerted by the weight of the ground above the balloon. The water will pass through an electricity generating turbine and return to the initial reservoir.

For Professor Kenny Sorensen of Aarhus University, the project would be ideal as it would help store energy correctly, as they already need to donate. 


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