Solar energy: Brazil is 8th place in job creation

For the first time, Brazil entered the ranking of the ten countries that generated the most jobs in the solar energy sector in the world. The country ranked 8th for 2019, behind countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom. The information was released by the Brazilian Association of Solar Energy (Absolar), last Monday (5). The person responsible for the ranking is the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena).

Irena's report showed that the clean energy sector generated 11.5 million jobs worldwide in 2019, one third coming from the solar photovoltaic industry, which generated 3.8 million jobs. Brazil, according to Absolar, generated more than 43,000 jobs in the sector in 2019. According to the institution, photovoltaic solar energy will be increasingly important for achieving the goals of socioeconomic and sustainable development in Brazil and worldwide.


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