Solar energy: Solfácil receives contribution of R $ 21 mi

The solar financing startup Solfácil, announced on Wednesday (22), a funding of R $ 21 million, led by the fund Valor Capital Group. The deal was also accompanied by investors who have already invested in the company, which provides financing for those who want to generate solar energy at home.

In an interview with Estadão, the company's founder, Fabio Carrara, said that Solfácil already makes plans to invest in technology, commercial expansion and new products. In addition, another plan of the company is to launch a financing line for small and medium entrepreneurs, in addition to the possibility of interest-free installments in some specific cases.

"The return on investment in solar energy is very high. The big problem is that most Brazilians do not have savings to make the investment. We created the company to have a financing line that allows people to finance this technology without any disbursement, with immediate savings," Carrara said. 

According to Estadão, in addition to the contribution, the company has the growth of demand for solar energy, which has brought more and more customers to the startup. For the month of July, the estimated growth is 50%.


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