Eneva participates in the sale of the Urucu Polo

According to Marcelo Habibe, Eneva's chief financial officer, company would be interested in the purchase of some Petrobras assets. The company would be participating in divestment processes promoted by the state in the Urucu Pole, in the Solimões Basin (AM).

Petrobras has recently begun the binding phase of concerning the sale of all its stake in the set of seven oil, condensate and natural gas production concessions: Araracanga, Arara Azul, Carapanaúba, Cupiúba, East Urucu, Rio Urucu and Southwest Urucu, which together, form the Urucu Pole. In addition to the concessions and their production, a transaction involves operational support infrastructures.

Eneva, which is already installed in the Amazon, would be interested in to acquire the concessions of the state. "We are attentive to all opportunities, not only from Petrobras, but others as well. We're hungry growth," said the chief financial officer.


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