Engineers design ship-powered hydrogen cells

The engineers of a laboratory located in the USA, Sandia National Laboratories, have devised a project of a research vessel powered by the electric energy, generated by hydrogen fuel cells, called Zero-V. According to the team, the ship is less polluting, quieter and cleaner than fuel ships, and is economically viable.

Zero-V earned that name because it's a zero-gas-emissions vessel. According to scientist Lennie Klebanoff, "it is impossible to have hydrogen spillage in water", unlike what happens to fuels. More buoyant than helium, hydrogen rises and ends up escaping into outer space.

The fuel cells generate water so pure that the crew of the ship can drink it, if conditioned, or even use it for scientific experiments, reducing the need to desalinate the sea water, which currently consumes large amounts of energy. In addition, cells are electrical devices, having faster power than internal combustion engines.

As every project requires a cost to be realized, Zero-V waits for a financing to be built. Compared to diesel-powered ships, the boat has similar price, but would be spent about 7% more to operate and maintain. Because it is a technological breakthrough that will reflect positively on the preservation of the environment, besides providing knowledge through scientific research, the expectation is that there is investment for this study to be materialized.

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