Brazilian organizations criticize rules of local content at a meeting in Rio Grande do Sul

Discussions on the new rules on local content not yet come out of the list of entities and industries related to the oil and gas sector. On the one hand, it has the oil companies managed to reduce hiring, but want an even smaller percentage have and other industries that criticize the reduction of 65% to 25% local content for the platforms.

This theme was the main point discussed at the meeting organized by the Movement produces Brazil, which took place on Thursday, March 23, and met the Federation of Rio Grande do Sul State Industry (FIERGS), representatives of the federal government, business and cities mayors affected by the recent divestments in naval hub in Rio Grande do Sul State.

On that occasion, Marcio Felix Bezerra, Secretary of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, pointed out that it is necessary for companies to engage with other companies, in addition to Petrobras, as the oil and gas sector in the country already it is developed, and the question of reduction of local content can offer to conquer markets and new partnerships outside Brazil.

Entrepreneurs in the sector, as well as mayors of Rio Grande do Sul cities and members of the Competitiveness Committee on Oil, Gas, Naval and Offshore FIERGS countered with criticism the speech of the secretary, pointing out that the reduction does not provide opportunities for small Brazilian companies and that the decrease the use of goods and services used in Brazil's oil sector will slow investments that municipalities, for example, are in schools, safety and shipping industry in the state.

Apparently, this struggle still last for some time. Keep yourself informed about everything happening in the oil market, gas, energy, pre-salt, fuel, gasoline, Petrobras and offshore. Continue following the Panorama Offshore. Remember: Your business goes through here. Check out:


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