Environmental care is essential in the oil world

In the petroleum world, it is common to happen accidents due to oil spill, marine (offshore) or terrestrial (onshore), in which the environment is the most affected. According to the UN, the leaks of this product are one of the causes that most cause pollution in Europe. Therefore, it is necessary to have some preventive measures against pollution or if there are leaks in the areas of exploitation.

The equipment used to combat oil spill are floating barriers, skimers and disperse, these elements are used in the sea to prevent the residue from proliferate and consequently contamination occurs. The absorbents and adsorbents of oil and coagulants, in addition to being used in water, act on terrestrial surfaces blocking drainage systems, wiping spills on the floor of factories and absorbing oils in the reservoirs, making it impossible that there is no Chances of happening pollutions.

In addition, mineral and vegetable powder products are used to make the environment safer, away from pollutions. In general, these means are techniques to prevent accidents from occurring, reducing the harmful consequences to the environment.

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