Wind and solar are cheaper energy options

An analysis published by BloombergNEF states that there will be a within the next five years, when it will be more expensive to operate a power plant coal or natural gas than build solar or wind farms. The solar and wind power, are currently the cheapest source of electricity in much of the world. This is known thanks to a variety of global research and discoveries, that show how renewables have expanded in most energy markets Energy.

It is worth remembering that in the last week, the International (IEA), stated that solar energy is already starting to replace coal as the cheapest form of electricity. Still thus, it is important to emphasize that there is a limit to the growth of these clean sources, since each country has its own climatic conditions and the generation of that type of energy has high costs.

These restrictions may cause the use of these renewable sources to does not exceed the 70% or 80% mark of the electricity generation market. Still thus, policies to encourage the generation of clean energy are well seen and continue to expanding around the world.


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