EpIs indispensable for oil rig

Called Personal Protective Equipment, EPIs need to be strongly present within oil platforms. The offshore environment poses many risks to the lives of these workers. These are exposed to fire and radiation, for example, and most of the time are always away from the port.

rIt is he who filters both gases and particles that cause long-term damage to the employee’s health. The release of sulfites that happens during drilling, for example, is a case. When these gases are inhaled, they can cause allergies or interaction with other chemicals can bring an even more dangerous picture.

Goggles are
key parts, since gases can also harm eye region and come into contact with them can cause from tearing to chemical burns. They avoid direct contact with chemicals, but maintain so that workers view, so that they perform their functions in the best way.

Helmet with jugular
Different from ordinary helmets, is not easily removed by strong winds nor falls with sudden and intense movements. The jugular, a tape that attaches the helmet to the user’s head (and which is placed in the neck region, where the name comes from) prevents the employee from running out of helmets due to weather. They are very resilient, comfortable and do not hinder the performance of workers.

Protective glo
vesThe with textile support and coating are the most used because they protect both chemicals and cuts, as well as some models also protect against impact. In most, those produced for the oil industry have some type of coating in special material, such as nitrile. This makes them offer chemical resistance and not only mechanics. They are waterproof (depending on the model) and allow you to work with various products such as oils, greases, acids, solvents and alcoholics.

Safety shoes ensu
re comfort during working hours with a lot of protection. Made with a special microfiber type or leather, they are resistant to many kinds of chemicals. They have special soles normally manufactured in polyurethane and some models have toes, drilling-resistant insoles and soles, which function as electrical insulators and prevent falling or shock with heavy machinery to affect the performance of the Employee.

Ear protectiv
eOil platforms are noisy environments, so the use of ear plug is essential. They can be simple and silicone, foam or polymer to shell type, which stay on the head. One should evaluate the levels of decibels, the situations of use and the comfort levels that each offers to choose the ideal.

Safety clothingcan
be made of waterproof materials, and simultaneously cover upper and lower limbs. They serve to prevent contamination of the worker by chemicals and the absorption of toxic gases.


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