Equatorial Energia will build new transmission lines

Equatorial Energia's Board of Directors granted permission for the hiring of R $1.67 billion in financing. of This value, two loans were contracted with the National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES) in the value of R $822,560,000 and R $419 million which will be used for projects of energy transmission and contributions to Cepisa, Companhia Energy of Piauí.

The planning of construction of a transmission line in Minas Gerais, SPE 6, will receive the highest value of the investment with a total of R $546 million. The second implementation will be for the transmission lines in Bahia and also in Minas Gerais, SPE 4, with the cost of R $419 million.

According to the board, Cepisa will also receive a collaboration for the hiring of loans up to 300 million in conjunction with the banks BOCOM BBM and Citibank.

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