Equinor wants to generate 3d seismic sensors in Carcará

Equinor plans to deploy 3d seismic sensors (called nodes) in the areas of the BM-S-8 exploratory blocks in Carcará, in the salt of the Santos basin, in the year 2019. The implantation should last about 180 days, and will count with four launch craft, recoil of nodes, seismic source and a assistance.

The company received environmental clearance from Ibama to perform the drilling of exploratory wells in Carcará, and in addition, expanded the license to open five more wells and take a training test in the northern area of the Region.

The Norwegian state acquired the block in the second auction, held in October 2017, by means of the consortium formed between Statoil, Galp and ExxonMobil. The company invested US $2.5 billion in the purchase of Petrobras ' participation in the BM-S-8 area in 2016.

Petrobras, which received this value to participate in the implementation of the sensors, and did not invest in education, health and security of the Country. Follow the offshore Panorama portal and get inside everything about the oil, gas, energy, biofuel, onshore and Offshore market. Remember, your business goes through here! Go to: www.panoramaoffshore.com.br or Www.facebook.com.br/panoramaoffshore


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