Presidential scandal in Brazil. And the oil?

The crisis, both politically and economically, in which Brazil passes seems to get more and more deep, as each week new media scandals appear. This time, it was the revelation of a recording of the JBS group, in which a conversation of President Michel Temer supposedly would give the go ahead to buy the silence of former mp arrested Eduardo Cunha. Audio records are withheld, however, speaks in the Plateau in resignation and impeachment.

Before this whole scandal to question Offshore Panorama does is: how oil is? If a country is destabilized, with your economy behind, "black gold" could be an outlet to relieve the brazilian crisis, but with the policy directions today, what will be the result in the generation of new jobs from the oil and gas area?

Has the time of small and medium-sized enterprises into action in Brazil, since after the car wash large construction companies went into crisis after the operation.

Brazil has been creating the foundations for the expansion of oil exploration operations, especially after the Government created a calendar of auctions until 2019 to attract investors. The fact happened after Brazil stay six years without performing these events.

As the Offshore has been following Panorama and reporting, this year 2017 can be considered as a blowtorch, shy but that still produces a flame, in order to warm up the oil and gas market as well as commodity prices in Brazil and in the world.

Now continue following the political upheavals in order to know how they will influence the oil industry tupiniquim. The Brazil you want to recovery, but before this re-establishment would not be the time to clean the House?

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