Espírito Santo invests in solar energy

Renato Casagrande, Governor of Espirito Santo, signed a decree that obliges the installation of equipment to capture photovoltaic solar energy in new state buildings. The standard also applies to municipal public buildings built with state resources through covenants, agreements or compromise terms. 

In the decree is also included the possibility of the modality Remote self-consumption – when the energy generated by a photovoltaic system Installed in a location can be used to reduce the power bill of Another completely different place.

In addition, the Government also plans to create solar parks and deploy buses powered by natural gas and electricity. "Solar energy is becoming viable. Wind energy has already become viable and the Northeast is being supplied by it. We are now bringing in the PPPs platform the substitution of the energy of public buildings through the construction of solar miniplants, "Casagrande said.


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