Is coming in Macaé Offshore Brazil fair

This year 2017, Campos Basin, which extends from the city of Vitória (ES) to Arraial do Cabo (Rio de Janeiro), 40 years and full to celebrate and strengthen the recovery and oil revenues, the city of Macaé will receive in days 20 to June 23, the ninth edition of Offshore Brazil.

Considered a showcase for companies in the oil and gas industry, the event, which promises to move the sector in this first half of 2017, will feature the participation of 550 exhibiting brands in the areas of maintenance, automation, production and exploitation for doing business during the four-day event.

The estimate for this year is get about 53000 visitors and move R $250,000,000 in business. The reheat setting industry technical environment and networking the fair can provide participants a better chance of coming into contact with the new technologies, in addition to products and services that optimize the work.

The Offshore Brazil can be the starting point to demonstrate the nation's economic recovery in the area of oil and gas, especially in the city of Macae, an important pole of Brazil's oil production
. National reference.

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