Is approaching the 14th round of Bids

Scheduled to happen on day 27 September in Rio de Janeiro, the 14th round of Bids ofertará areas in high-potential basins, new frontiers and in mature basins. As the Offshore Panorama already reported, are entered in the round 32 companies.

At sea, will be offered 110 blocks, and 10 in the Campos Basin, 7 in the Espírito Santo basin maritime, 6 in Pelotas basin, 76 in the Santos basin and 11 in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin maritime. On Earth, will be offered 177 blocks, being 19 in part of the Espírito Santo basin, Paraná basin, 11 12 in the Parnaíba, 62 in Brazil, 27 in the Recôncavo and 46 in the Sergipe-Alagoas basin ground.
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