United States proposes sale of half of the oil and gas reserves

The White House is discussing the sale of half the oil strategic reserves (SPR) and of all gasoline, with this, the Government intends to reduce the national debt. With the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, the end of the share of oil royalties with the States of the Gulf Coast of Mexico and the sale of power transmission lines in the Western region, the United States predict the collection of $ $1.8 billion.

In the long run, the US President's plan Donald Trump is raising $ $16.6 billion in up to 10 years, through the sale of petroleum from the SPS, which has today 687,700,000 barrels of oil in salt caverns and tanks located at strategic points in Texas and Louisiana.

The proposal is to put the sale of 270 million barrels of SPR-beyond the sale of 190 million barrels already scheduled for the period 2017-2025-for ten years. However, the reduction would eventually leave the current reservations for less than half of what the country could jeopardize the security instrument that seeks to help the United States cope with shocks in commodity supply.

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