Study indicates that increased oil exploration can help industry recovery

The oil and gas industry goes into crisis everyone knows, especially in Brazil, while thousands of jobs have been excluded, workers were laid off. The oil activities had great fall, however, there is a great hope which come from imminent bidding rounds in the industry.

Provided yet to occur this year, some oil and gas auctions can be the solution to help the industry's recovery, as shown in a study by the Brazilian Association of Oil Service Companies (ABESPetro), in partnership with Accenture.

According to the president of ABESPetro Jose Firmo, the jobs lost should be recovered in the next three years if oil exploration increases in the country and if the government is successful in trying to attract new private investments.

If the ABESPetro and Accenture study forecasts are correct the Brazilian oil and gas will have to celebrate the coming years. The Offshore Panorama continues to follow the twists and turns of this area that we consider still as promising in Brazil and worldwide.

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