Ethanol export increases in the Center-South of Brazil

One of the gasoline additive, the anhydrous ethanol, had high export of 231.7 percent in the first half of July and advanced 19% since April, in the Center-South of Brazil, in comparison to the same period in 2016. Data show that the foreign sales of power plants in the region accounted for anhydrous 61 million liters in the first half of July, while last year this volume was 18,390,000.

The recovery of exports of anhydrous ethanol corroborates with the opportunity to close the door to imports of fuel. Because of this, the Executive Secretary of the Board of foreign trade (Camex) is deciding on the increase of ethanol import tariff to 17%, in order to thus be able to curb the import of anhydrous ethanol from the United States.

As the commercial biofuel flow between the two countries is tax free, growth in imports of anhydrous ethanol by Brazil in the first half, which was 388 percent, took the plants and sugar cane producers asking the Government to increase the percentage of the tax.

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