Ethanol remains less competitive than gasoline

Ethanol prices continue to be less competitive when compared to gasoline prices in all states of Brazil and the Federal District, according to a survey by the National Agency for Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The data were collected in the last week ended on Saturday (5), and released this week.

Nationwide, ethanol parity over ordinary gasoline stood at 76.63%, up from 77.14% from the previous week, with an average price of R$ 4.334 per liter of biofuel, compared to R$ 4.361/l the previous week. Gasoline with the highest average price in Brazil was sold last week in the state of Acre, with a price of R$ 6,349/l.

The criteria consider that sugarcane or corn ethanol, because it has lower calorific value, has a limit price of 70% of the oil derivative in the posts to be considered advantageous.


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