Even with crisis in Brazil, Petrobras platform construction abroad search

Petrobras intends to hire abroad a total of 100% of the construction of the first oil rig to operate in the pre-salt Santos basin, more precisely at the Pound. Such an attitude, according to Solange Guedes, Director of Petrobras ' exploration and production, happens as a result of high prices made by Brazilian companies in 2016. According to her, this fact caused last year canceling the bidding process for the platform that should receive the name Pound pilot.

However, hiring abroad will only happen if Petrobras can be released by the ANP (national petroleum Agency) to fail to comply with the contractual requirement that indicates that the platform has to be built in Brazil. To move in this direction, the national oil company made application to the PNA in order to obtain authorization to fail to comply with such details as provided for in the contract.

What is known so far is that companies participating in the Consortium are hopeful that everything will be all right and that the Agency will grant the authorization requested by Petrobras. However, if this does not occur, it is likely that the project does not happen.

The big question in all this imbroglio is the real reason for not hiring this platform here in Brazil, especially if considered the level of local unemployment and the need to produce to distance himself from the damaging crisis that plagues our industry. The question that won't shut up: are you really so excessive in our prices can't be worth the sacrifice to build here in Brazil the 55% of the platform, as stipulated in the contract?


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