Event in Rio consolidates UK as a strategic partner in Brazil

According to Panorama Offshore had reported, including the Events tab of the site took place in Rio de Janeiro, on 21 March, the UK Energy in Brazil in its fifth edition.  Organized by the Mission British Diplomatic in Brazil and with the support of IBP and various entities in the oil and gas industry, the event aimed to promote business, facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences and provide a platform for discussions on innovation and industry challenges energy.

About 250 executives from the energy sector, including 40 British companies were present at the UK Energy in Brazil. In addition to the exchange of experiences, the meeting served to discuss innovations and challenges of the sector, consolidating the UK as Brazil's strategic partner in the energy sector.

They were also presented four workshops with the participation of big companies in the Brazilian naval industry and the UK. The topics discussed this year were: Shipbuilding and Offshore; decommissioning; Efficiency Exploration and Operational Production of Oil and Gas; and Energy Storage. Among the major British companies attending are: ASV, Rivertrace, MSIS Group, WHO, Iris Intelligence, ERM, Intertek, Flexlife, Catch Energy and Energy Faro.


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