Executives debate gas price with Paulo Guedes

In the last week, it happened in Rio de Janeiro the first Meeting between the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (Abiquin) with Companies of the chemical industry, with the Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes. In Meeting, the problem of the price of natural gas was emphasized and the importance Of its fall to the Brazilian economy.

Among the ten companies present in the conversation, they were Representatives of Braskem, BASF and Solvay. The price of gas is one of the main points sector, and according to executives, the industry operates today with 30% idleness. The present highlighted that the capacity could be Improved if there were more favourable conditions and increased competitiveness Of the Brazilian chemical product.

The Minister of Economics has not committed to exact deadlines To lower the price of the gas, but said to expect the upcoming rounds of Bids show evolution in this direction. In the administrative representation of Ministry of Economy in Rio, the meeting was the first directly with the Minister Paulo Guedes.


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