Expansion of wind farm in Brazil generates opportunities

The expansion of the Delfina plant, located in Bahia, has installed capacity of 180 megawatss and has been in operation since last year. In addition, it is the largest wind farm in Brazil in states of energy and annual production. The expansion is a consequence of the investments of Enel Green Power (EGP) that revolve around US $40 million.

The expectation is that the plant starts operating in 2019, about four years before it was stipulated by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL). In addition, other projects, such as the Lagoa dos Ventos in Piauí, were granted to EGP by determination of Aneel.

When completed the ventures will generate more than 160 GWh per year only in the Delfina plant, thus resulting in the reduction of gases emissions in the atmosphere that has accumulated about 80000 tons of CO2.

The expansion of the Delfina plant, means a progress in the Brazilian energy sector, since we have the largest wind farms. Investing in clean energy is the output to the sustainable development of the country and the environment, generating more opportunities for jobs and business.

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