Experts take blame for Bouboulina ship

In the last Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (CPI) of Oil, that happened in the Chamber of Deputies, experts from the Brazilian Institute of Environment (IBAMA), the National Monitoring and Information Center (Cenima) and the Ministry of the Environment have stated that to date the person responsible for the disaster on the Brazilian coast has not yet been discovered.

"Older vessels are usually used, which can be traveling with an above normal amount of oil. So in my opinion, it would really be an accident with a pirate ship, unknown," he said Cenima's general coordinator, Pedro Alberto Bignelli, who ruled out the hypothesis of the bouboulina ship be to blame.

In addition, according to Ibama, HEX Geospatial Technologies would have inconsistent information to the institute. However, it would have done this just by having a contract of just over a R $ 1 million with the agency Environmental. After Ibama denied payment of the amount, HEX transferred the information that accused the Greek ship as guilty to the Federal Police.

Congressman João Campos said that the story will be cleared and also questioned government representatives about compliance with the National Contingency (PNC). "We can verify that among authorities that make up Ibama, there are disagreements regarding compliance, some regulations, crucial points of the PNC. We can position ourselves on this during the constitution of the report," Campos said.


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