Gas exploration in Bolivia will have participation of Petrobras

Petrobras and the Bolivian State-owned YPFB Chaco signed an agreement of investment of 1.2 billion dollars for operation of two natural gas fields with potential reserves of 4 trillion cubic feet, said the Government of Bolivia on Monday.

The projects involved in the agreement are those of Astilleros and San Telmo, both South of Bolivia. The YPFB has a participation of 40% in San Telmo, while Petrobras has 60%. Already in Astilleros is the opposite, taking 40 percent and Petrobras Bolivia 60%.

The contract is for 40 years and the expectation is that the two projects are producing gas in 2022. "If successful, the project could produce 14 million cubic meters per day," said the Minister. Publicity. The news comes in the framework of an agreement signed 20 years ago, which provides for the supply of Bolivian gas to Brazil until 2019. "With these investments, we guarantee to extend the contract of purchase and sale of gas to Brazil beyond 2019," said Sanchez.


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