Oil exploration in the Amazon increases expected investments in the region

The oil crisis in many countries devalued the price of "black gold" in the world market. In Brazil, the issue has worsened due to the political crisis and cases of corruption and embezzlement reported upon inquiry Operation Lava jet, the Federal Police, which affected brutally Petrobras, paralyzing activities, reducing investments in the area and causing that many workers lost their jobs.

However, despite such a "tragedy" for the national economy, "smooth sailing" seem to flourish and the international market back again your eyes to the Brazilian oil, especially in the country's northern waters, but specifically in the Amazon. Petrobras held in 1980, extensive research of oil and gas in Carauari, municipality on the river Juruá, the 786 km straight from Manaus, but gave up the place and decided to fix his work in Coari, which is 650 km from capital.

With the start of the Buriti 1 drilling the first well of the Rosneft oil in the Amazon, raised hopes of the residents of Carauari and the population in general and the oil industry on the recovery of the oil and gas sector in Brazil. The Russian oil company holds exploration rights on 16 blocks in the Solimões Basin since 2015, after the acquisition of PetroRio and until new blocks to be auctioned, Rosneft is the only company to seek oil and gas in the Amazon region.

The work of the company began in February, but seven new wells should be drilled by 2019, with of course, Ibama license for environmental protection of fauna and flora. With the arrival of the Russian group in the city, residents of Curuari fill with expectations with new job opportunities and investment in the region, which currently has four of its population living in extreme poverty, according to the O Globo newspaper found.

But not only the inhabitants of the Amazon are excited about the news. Investments in oil in the region heat the domestic market and thus help recovery from the crisis and improve the Brazilian economy. The growing expectation and reaffirms the arrival of new winds.

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