Natural gas Extraction can increase up to 85% in 2027

According to data from the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the extraction of natural gas, mainly from the pre-salt area, may increase up to 85% in 2027. However, research shows that much of this volume may be wasted, since the expectation is that domestic demand will only grow by 15%.

The projection shows how fuel requires new business models and perhaps new players in Brazil. If The prediction really happens will be the biggest mismatch for the sector. The House of Deputies is Expected to approve a project that facilitates investment in transport and distribution, now dependent on Petrobras.

While Brazil is experiencing this dilemma, the United States, the current ally of the Bolsonaro government, predicts that the export of gas is tripling due to the growing need in Asia and Europe. Will the Country follow the bias of the new American "partner" and export the spare or invest in gas self-sufficiency projects? We have to wait.

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