Natural gas tariff in Alagoas gets cheaper

The price of natural gas in the state of Alagoas has been reduced average of 12% in your fare. Responsible for the change was the distributor of piped gas from Alagoas, Algás, after the authorization of the Regulatory Agency of Alagoas (Arsal).

The reason for the drop in the tariff would be the reduction of costs of the gas molecule and the transportation of the product, a direct relationship with the price of oil and the exchange rate variation, revised quarterly. With this, the product became cheaper. It is worth remembering that the drop in the natural gas tariff occurred in several states due to the reduction in the price of the product for distributors, carried out by Petrobras.

Algás, in turn, began to practice new tariffs in all its segments of operation, having as highlights the sectors of power generation / cogeneration, industrial and vehicular, in which the reductions were 17.9% for the first, 15.7% in the industrial and almost 10% in the CNG.


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