Slice the Carcará area in the pre-salt is sold to Statoil

The part of the grant of the Queiroz Galvão exploration and production in the area of pre-salt Carcará, was sold to the Norwegian Statoil for $ $379,000,000. The QGPE had 10% of the project and had bought the stake in July 2011, for $ $175,000,000.

With the purchase the Statoil is granting of 76% of the BM-S-8, where is located the discovery of Carcará, the other 66% purchased form of Petrobras in 2016. The pre-salt area has estimated reserves between 700 million and 1.3 billion barrels of oil and gas.

The Norwegian company said the investment will strengthen the organization policy and demonstrates commitment and confidence in Brazil. Keep watching the Panorama Offshore and stay informed with news about everything what happens in the market of oil, gas, energy, gasoline, fuels, Petrobras, onshore and offshore. Your business goes through here. Check out:


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