Revenue of royalties from petroleum retreated 29%

According to the data of the national agency of petroleum, Natural gas and biofuels (ANP), the collection of royalties and guest appearances on oil production reached 29% drop in Brazil, this year. This percentage means the second year of retreat. When compared to 2015, the fall was of 25%, it affects directly the cashier of the Union, the States and municipalities, contributing to the worsening fiscal and financial crisis of the Governments.

In just two years, the fundraiser with royalties and special guests retreated about 14.5 billion in R$. In 2015, the total oil revenues directed to Governments was 8.7 billion less R$. As early as 2016, the accumulated sum R$ 14.5 billion (9.5 billion R$ with royalties until October and $5 billion with guest appearances until August).

In accordance with the G1, Royalties are the values in money paid by oil companies to the Union and State and local governments of the local producers to have right to oil exploration. The cameos are a additional compensation and is charged in cases of large volumes of production or of great profitability.


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