Fertilizer Factory will be sold this month

The Nitrogenous Fertilizer Unit (UFN3), from Três Lagoas, in Mato Grosso do Sul, will have its process of selling in advance until the end of the month for the company Acron. The statement was made during the participation of Roberto Castello Branco, president of Petrobras, in a public hearing at the Senate Infrastructure Services Commission in Brasilia.

The measure, which is part of Petrobras ' Deinvestment plan, had its commercialization interrupted due to judicial injunction held by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) minister, Ricardo Lewandowski, who banned the government from privatizing companies Without the authorization of the Congress.

Shortly after the decision, the STF authorized the sales of the subsidiaries of the State without the endorsement of the legislative power facilitating Acron to acquire the fertilizer factory. The resumption of the works will be in the first semester of 2020, with the estimate of going into production in 2024 and generating 10000 direct and indirect jobs.

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