Jubarte field is contaminated by oil leakage from P-58

During the oil transfer of the Petrobras P-58 platform, in the Campos Basin, to the São Sebastião ship, at Campo Jubarte, approximately 85 km from the coast of Espírito Santo, there was contamination in the sea of 265,000 liters of oil due to the disruption of Pinch – fixed on a wider hose used to transfer oil from the platform to Ships.

The most concentrated stretch reached 2.4 km in length for 0.55 km wide. According to Petrobras, the leak was interrupted and sent boats to the region to disperse the oil. Ibama (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and renewable natural resources) will make an investigation to ascertain the extent of environmental damage, which would serve as a basis for sanctions to be applied to the state.

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