Firjan estimates 516,000 jobs in the P&G sector in RJ

According to data published by the Federation of Industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan) on Wednesday, 7, until the year 2027, the state of Fluminense must reach the mark of 516,000 workers in the operation and maintenance of stationary units of production of Oil and gas. In 2018, Rio de Janeiro registered about 5200 employees in the sector.

Firjan also estimates that every US $1 billion invested in the oil and gas market is generated around 25000 jobs and that a platform demands 300 direct workers and other 600 indirect.

Still according to the federation, with each direct job in the operation of the stationary production unit, two new posts are generated in direct and indirect activities in the exploration and production sector, which consequently generate eight more new posts in Support activities.

"Of the ten most demanding professions for the oil and gas industry, seven of them are directly connected to the operation, that is, they are specialized professionals, such as engineers and technicians. There is an ever-increasing interest among companies in finding skilled professionals, "said Thiago Valejo, oil, gas and Naval content coordinator at Firjan.

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