Firjan highlights positive agenda for P&G market

The 6th edition of the Rio 2021 Oil Yearbook, recently launched, points out that the auctions allow new operators to operate in Rio.

Launched last August by the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), the 6th edition of the Yearbook of Oil in Rio 2021 highlights that the country has promoted a positive agenda for the oil and natural gas market, seeking to establish a more favorable environment for attracting investments. The continuity of the calendar of auctions of exploratory blocks, such as the 17th round that takes place on Thursday (7/10), should bring renewals in business movements, with strengthening of strategic partnerships.

The publication of the federation estimates potential investment to absorb R$ 50 billion in oil and gas over the next three years in the state of Rio de Janeiro and also foresees the potential for the opening of more than 63,000 jobs in the market in the period. In addition, it is expected that, by 2025, the state of Rio de Janeiro will raise more than R$ 75 billion in government participations.
Socioeconomic reflexes for Rio de Janeiro.

According to the Yearbook, Rio has been expanding its predominance over other states regarding oil production. If between 2014 and 2017 its share of domestic production was less than 70%, in 2020 it was 79% and in the first six months of 2021, it has already reached 80%. In addition, the state can benefit from the diversification of operators, including the recovery of production in mature fields of the Campos Basin, the main focus of PROMAR – Revitalization program and Incentive to the Production of Maritime Fields, the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

These results open a unique opportunity for the structural recovery of the state, which, when reflecting on greater public investment, can thus provide a socioeconomic return for municipalities and the entire population. The holding of auctions strengthens the industrial base, consolidating the generation of formal employment and the creation of income that results in economic growth for the state.

"These resources are fundamental for the resumption of the Economy of Rio de Janeiro, as well as help in the recovery of the Rio de Janeiro shipbuilding industry, since the new auctions allow the entry of new operators, but also the strengthening of the investment portfolios of operators that are already here", highlights the manager of Oil, Gas and Naval Firjan, Karine Fragoso.

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