First wood fibre crane from offshore sector

With the expanding technology in the offshore market, the company MacGregor, which is part of Cargotec, concluded the construction of FibreTrac, the first wood fibre hoist to enter the sector. The project, which now passes through the test phase, was presented by the company during an event held in Kristiansand, Norway.

The crane makes use of the combination of existing and proven technologies in a new application that provides the operators of deep water load treatment with significant economic advantages.

The FibreTrac crane can operate with all its lifting capacity, because the fiber cable almost does not weigh in the water, showing no additional load felt by the crane, regardless of the length of the cable used during the activities to Load handling.

The project also has a payload capacity of 150 tonnes and an advanced rope monitoring and management system that maximizes cable life and provides clear status information to the operator.

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