Ford's shutting down the ABC factory. Workers and government of SP oppose

Ford announced the closure of its factory activities in São Bernardo do Campo, in ABC Paulista (SP) and out of the truck market in South America. The decision took the employees of the company by surprise and jeopardise the employment of thousands of workers, who have been mobilizing against the announcement of the manufacturer. The Government of São Paulo intends to seek a buyer to the factory in ABC to guarantee jobs and maintenance of budget collection of the city.

The brand defined the decision as "an important milestone in the return to the sustainable profitability of its operations in South America". According to the statement, the measure was taken after several months of searching for alternatives, which included partnerships and even the sale of the operation. The excessive volume of investments to meet market needs and the increasing costs of regulatory items would have made it unfeasible to maintain a "profitable and sustainable" business.

The Cargo, Fiesta, F-4000 and F-350 lines will be marketed until the end of the stocks. The authorities stated that the closing of the plant will take place throughout this year. According to the company, the other units of the automaker in Brazil will be maintained-in addition to the factories in Camaçari (BA), of cars, and in Taubaté (SP) of engines, the company has a test track in Tatuí (SP) and an administrative center in São Bernardo.

As for the workers, Ford said it hasn't measured the amount of employees fired. To consumers, the manufacturer ensured that "it will maintain integral support to consumers with regard to guarantees, parts and technical assistance".

The governor of São Paulo, João Dória (PSDB), announced that he will seek a buyer for Ford. Last week, Dória met at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes, headquarters of the Paulista government, with the president of Ford, Lyle Watters, and other representatives of the brand, but, as expected, there was no change in the decision of the company.

In addition to the Governor of SP, attended the meeting the mayor of São Bernardo do Campo, Orlando living, and the Secretary of Economics of the state, Henrique Meirelles. Living claimed to be willing to trigger justice in the event of the factory closing, if the state Government's strategy to find a buyer by the end of this year does not materialize.

From ABC to USA
The decision, which caused controversy among the metalworkers, seems to be far from over. On Tuesday (26), the manufacturer's workers and other union bases will meet in the Assembly to decide the directions that will be adopted by the employees as opposed to the announcement made by Ford. After the assembly, a parade is scheduled for the city.

The ABC metalworkers ' union has hit a meeting with Ford's worldwide directorate in the United States to discuss the company's decision. The meeting will be in the city of Dearborn, in the state of Michigan, USA. The meeting date should be set in the next few days.

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