Ex-President of the United States praises use of biofuels in Brazil

Brazil's efficient initiative in the production of green energy and the use of biofuels was praised by former United States President Barack Obama during the Global Citizen Forum yesterday (05/10/2017) in São Paulo.

Obama said that "what gives me hope is that the United States managed to greatly increase the use of renewable energy. And Brazil, also in various ways, been working on biofuels and has been an example for the world. This is something we should be proud of and also continue ".

The Global Citizen Forum was organized by the Valor Econômico newspaper and by Banco Santander/Advantage, opened by the Vice-President of Organizações Globo, Roberto Irineu Marinho, and efficient participation of the Chairman of Santander, Sergio Ríal. "We have a lot to do to ensure, through collective action, millions are brought to our economic fabric", pointed out Ríal, referring to companies that have a key role to play to help reduce social inequality in Brazil.

After Barack Obama's speech, representative of the RenovaBio program, Elizabeth Farina, President of the sugar cane industry Union (Unica), said that "it is a fact that Brazil is an important agent in this global environmental agenda", and stating that "Brazil has been a of the most important protagonists in the discussions around the Biofuturo Platform, released on COP22 (Conference of the parties on climate change), in Marrakech, in Morocco, with the support of more than 20 countries, including the United States, to accelerate development and increase the implementation of sustainable low-emission measures. We have a major competitive advantage, whereas our array is one of the most renewable energy in the world ".


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