Forum discussion on trends and scenarios of the energy market in the world

The WTC Business Club promotes annually the World Energy Forum, fulfilling one of the pillars that form the Platform of your business generation: relevant content and trends, through a continuous search of the major global issues of management, coupled with deep knowledge and proximity to our customers, promoting practical presentations and reference cases, entrepreneurs and executives who deal every day with the real challenges of the corporate world.

This year's Edition, which will take place on day 04 may, at the World Trade Center São Paulo, Paulo Pedrosa, Executive Secretary of the Ministry of mines and energy and Donizete Romeo Rufino, Director-General of Aneel (the national electric energy agency) form the public Panel, as well as Nelson Oliveira, President of Ecogen, Jorge Habibi Hanna El Khouri, Deputy Superintendent of energy from Itaipu Binacional and José Roberto Martins , A partner at Trench Rossi Watanabe Advogados, form the private Panel.

The theme are on renewable sources, combined heat and power generation, distribution, and marketing of energy, both in scope and sources of national and international scenarios, with emphasis on the new Brazil, subject which will be discussed in a series of events from the WTC Business Club along 2017, in a cycle of events of major subject areas such as compliance, healthcare, agribusiness, education and internationalization.

This meeting is aimed at Presidents and directors of large companies and to find out how to participate, simply send an email to or by phone (11) 3043-7157.
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