Four conscious attitudes in energy use

Although it seems complicated, making the use of clean energy is something very simple. There are already projects that are practical, flexible and adaptable for environments with little space available. In addition, many everyday habits can also help to better harness sunlight and decrease electricity consumption, making local homes more sustainable.

One of the possibilities would be the installation of solar panels in homes. The process is easy, does not require major renovations and the resident can choose between photovoltaic energy, which generates electricity for all environments, or only thermosolar, which serves to heat the water. It is an investment that offers good returns, including the valuation of the property.

Just like using solar windows, it can also be very profitable. So-called "ceiling windows" or "skylights" help to make better use of natural light and do not need major works to be placed, so they are considered more sustainable. Another tip is the use of the LED lamp, which is sustainable in that it saves resources. Replacing all halogen or fluorescent lamps in the house with this type of lighting helps reduce up to 86% of the energy consumed. Besides, they last longer.

Finally, investing in changing habits already helps to avoid waste and make the most of natural renewable resources. Opening windows whenever possible, using furniture and walls with lighter colors and opting for electronic devices that save energy, in addition to removing them from the socket whenever possible, are great attitudes that contribute to a more sustainable world.


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