FPSO protagonizes Oil exploration process

Much is said about oil, but few know how its extraction takes place. In order to store oil and gas in the petroleum sector, the floating production, storage and offloading units (FPSO) are used, which are vessels with operating systems Offshore located in deep and ultra deep waters that make the retention, flow and production of retained content.

An FPSO consists of a tank-shaped structure. The production sites of a unit are far from the coast with the impossibility of connecting pipelines or pipelines. For the construction of the units, various equipments and services are required to make the project definitions, the construction or conversion of the hull of the ship, and the definition of the models that will compose the outline of production in the unit. Several companies, suppliers, shipyards are involved in this construction phase.

It is worth remembering that the units need to be certified with acceptable levels of the site, being essential to meet the requirements of the region so that the constructions of the platforms are carried out and for the supply of an equipment to meet the Extraction demand.

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