Hurricane leaves traces in Equinor's terminal

Norwegian Equinor discovered an oil spill at its storage terminal, South Riding Point, located in the Bahamas. The incident happened shortly after the passage of Hurricane Dorian. The information was disclosed in a statement by the company on Thursday (5).

"Our initial aerial evaluation of the South Riding Point facility found that the terminal suffered damage and oil was observed in the soil outside the tanks on land," the energy company's note said. "It's too early to indicate any volume. At this time, there are no observations of oil spill in the sea, "he added.

With hurricane prediction, Equinor closed operations at South Riding Point on August 31, and none of its 54 employees operating at the terminal were present at the time of the storm.

"While the weather conditions on the island have improved, road conditions and floods continue to affect our ability to assess the situation and the scope of damage to the terminal and its surroundings," he said.

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