Maritime Force is one of the best alternatives of electric power source

Brazil has already invested as an alternative in energy that comes from the winds and sunlight, and is now developing a technique that produces electric energy through the waves of the sea. The expectation is that this technology gets ripening in the studies and evolution of the goals.

To produce this energy that comes from the sea there is a Brazilian unit in Pecém, there are 60 km of the capital Cearense, Fortaleza, consisting of two stems, each with approximately 10 meters, connected to a kind of floating arms responsible for "surfing" the waves.

The equipment works as follows: With the movements of the waves, the poles/rods float, causing the movement of the mechanical arms, which automatically trigger a pump that pressurizes the freshwater and stores in an accumulator connected to a chamber Hyperbaric and makes rotating a turbine in the generator that creates the electricity.

The technology is present in about 12 countries: Canada, China, UK, Denmark, Australia, Portugal, Norway, United States, South Korea, Japan, France and Brazil. This project must be installed in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The forecast is that in 20 years the electricity is produced by this new method and has a relevant capacity for the market.

For this method to continue, it is necessary that the country invests in technological research so that the studies advance and provide Brazil with a great growth in the field of sustainable energies. It's more of a way to produce energy without damaging the environment.

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