Gas is defended in new York climate Week

Last Monday (23), the CEOs of the world's largest oil companies attended an event organized by the Climate Initiative of petroleum and Gas, where they defended gas as an essential resource for a future with less pollutant in the atmosphere. The arguments given by the oil giants will be debated by politicians, activists and business leaders at the climate Week in New York, which takes place from the 23rd to the 29th of September.

The use of natural gas is advocated as the quickest way to reduce emissions. On the other hand, it is criticised by environmentalists who fight for a world without fossil fuels.

Check out the three arguments in favor of gas use:

-When burned cleanly, the gas releases about half the carbon that coal. In addition, it has recorded a breakthrough in the US energy market over the past decade;

-Gas helps reduce emissions. The U.S. economy can still evolve and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which have remained stable and have also recorded a drop in the last decade;

-The gas will be accessible in the long run, since local prices are cheap and seem to remain so, on account of the hydraulic billing that releases fossil fuels from shale rocks, until then impermeable. U.S. gas is so abundant that producers cannot find enough domestic demand and run to export.

See also the three arguments against the use of gas:

-Although carbon dioxide emitted by gas energy is lower than coal, depending on gas as fuel means that these emissions will not reach zero in the near future. As the U.S. becomes more and more dependent on gas, fuel emissions increase, exceeding those of coal;

-The excess gas from the oil wells is burnt, releasing carbon dioxide. The amount of wasted gas has increased in the U.S. due to the turnover boom, since the capacity of the pipelines cannot keep pace;

-Another problem is the gas leakage of pipelines and processing units in the atmosphere.

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