Gas storage is indicated for the electrical sector

The Rio Pipeline 2019, which took place in August, organized by the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and biofuels (IBP), highlighted the expansion of the gas sector for integration with the electric sector.

According to Gustavo Labanca, executive director of the gas carrier TAG, the idea is to make Brazil stock gas to replace thermoelectric plants, since the pre-salt has continuous production, while thermoelectric plants only complement the energy sources Renewable. Recently, the TAG was sold to Engie and Caisse by Petrobras.

"There is a great potential, especially in land fields in the northeast and Espírito Santo, but investors need to have access to information about the geology of these exhausted reservoirs to identify whether they are fit for storage," Labanca reports.

Moreover, because it is a non-toxic element and found in nature in its own state for use, natural gas offers several advantages over other energy sources. Its distribution through pipelines facilitates the handling and decreases the transport difficulty, which contributes to its lower value compared to other sources of energy.

In addition, the emission through pipes provides its arrival even in regions farther away from the country, which also injects in the local economy the creation of new jobs.

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