Gas: CNI expects fall in price leverage economy

The National Confederation of Industry (CNI), which represents the interests of industry, is awaiting increased competition in the production, transportation and distribution services of natural gas. The reason is that the greater competition will result in the decrease in the price of the product, since more companies in these segments will produce, taking away the monopoly of the Petrobras sector and its subsidiaries.

The idea is that with cheaper natural gas, the possibility of energy consumption for increased production, causing more investments and leveraging the economy. To this, the decrease in cost of natural gas is essential. According to the economist and expert on energy of cni, Juliana Falcão, the drop in the price of gas is a decisive factor to increase investments. "If you reduce 50%, we will have R$ 250 billion investments in 2030."

It is worth remembering that industrial activities that require intensive use of energy, such as basic inputs for steel, aluminum, chemistry, ceramics, glass, consume about 80% of the natural gas supplied in Brazil.


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