Natural gas consumption has high in the Amazon

Natural gas must become the fuel increasingly consumed by all sectors of society. Soon after the economic crisis, the tendency to increase consumption began to be perceived. In the Amazon, for example, in the count that started in January 2017, until January of this year, the use of this composition in all sectors increased by 28.5%.

The data are from the Brazilian Association of Pipelined Gas Distributors (Abegás) and were collected in a survey carried out with concessionaires in 20 states, gathering data in various segments as residential, commercial and automotive, between Other.

According to the survey, in January 2017, the Amazon consumed about 2,639,000 cubic meters of natural gas per day (m3/day). This number increased to 3,392,000 m3/day.

The sector that consumes the most natural gas is still electric generation, which increased from 2,546,000, in January 2017, to 3,283,000 m3/day of natural gas, growth of almost 29%. It also highlighted the growth in consumption of the Amazon factories that rose from 77400 to 92.6 m3/day, a total of 19.6%.

The president of the Amazonas State Industries Federation (Fieam), Nelson Azevedo, explained that natural gas is already widespread, but most factories still maintain the common energy matrix.

"Logically there must have been some increment and companies are looking to adapt, measuring their investments, because to make this change, requires a lot of work and investments," commented Azevedo who added that the natural gas is already Available in a high volume to meet a greater demand of the Amazon industry.

"Consumption is only no longer because companies are still concerned about other priorities and standing on the ground when it comes to investments in innovation in the energy matrix, which can postpone the process of change," he concluded.

Contrary to what happened at the national level, the consumption of the Natural gas (CNG) was reduced in the Amazon of 8.13% of January 2017 (12300 m3/day) for January of this year (11300 m3/day). Commercial consumption increased from 0.6 to 1100 m3/day. In the consumption of natural gas as raw material there was also growth from 2.9 to 4100 m3/day.

national average

Throughout Brazil, in the first month of 2018, an average of 60,770,000 m3/day was consumed, while in the same month of 201, 53,870,000 m3/day were consumed. A growth that reached 12.8%. The highlight at the national level was also the industry, with an expansion of 11.3% in the period. The demand of the industry also grew in front of the December 2017 1 high numbers of 5.9%.

In the industry, there was a growth of 11.3%. In the automotive segment, CNG consumption grew by 7%, resulting from the greater competitiveness of CNG in the face of liquid fuels. In commercial consumption, the segment presented growth of 12.4%, showing signs of recovery after the strong slowdown of the economy. The North was also highlighted in the growth in industrial consumption (33.6%). Source: In Time

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