Green Gas opens sustainable energy plant in Rio

Turn waste into energy and fuel. This will be the function of the two gas green S. A Plants inaugurated today (4), in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The units are located in the sanitary landfills of Seropédica, in the metropolitan area, and in Nova Iguaçu, Baixada Fluminense.

According to Gás Verde S. A, biogas is more pure than natural gas from petroleum. After refined, it is marketed as fuel for vehicles and industries. The gas extracted from the waste feeds the thermal power plant of the company, already connected to the energy system.

In Seropédica, the biogas is acquired from Ciclus, a company that manages the local sanitary landfill, considered the largest in Latin America, with about 10000 tons of daily garbage received from the municipalities of Rio de Janeiro. The plant has capacity to produce 200,000 cubic meters daily, volume capable of filling the tank of 13000 vehicles. The prospect is that, when in full operation, the unit produces 73 million cubic meters of renováve natural gas (GNR) by No. 

At the Nova Iguaçu plant, the biogas that comes from the landfill administered by Foxx Haztec is purchased by Gás Verde and used to feed its thermal. The plant uses 9500 cubic meters of biogas per hour for the production of 150,000 megawatts-hour (MWh) of energy per year, volume capable of serving the consumption of 70000 residences.

According to Gás Verde, S. A, because it is a renewable source, the energy generated is less polluting than thermal-powered coal, oil and natural gas. With this, it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as providing additional financial gains for landfills.

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